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'Westworld' Star Ed Harris Discusses William's Season 4 Predicament and How Much He Enjoyed That Golf Scene The Oscar-nominat


The Oscar-designated entertainer plays filled the role of the cruel park proprietor and routine visitor since the debut episode of the HBO series.

[This story contains spoilers for Westworld season 4 episode "All around ok Alone."]

Ed Harris doesn't have the foggiest idea about the way things will end for William, also known as The Man dressed in Black, when Westworld finishes up with its fifth and last season, yet he has a few considerations.

The Oscar-named entertainer plays filled the role of the savage park proprietor and routine visitor since the debut episode of the HBO series in 2016. In his more youthful days, William (played by Jimmi Simpson) appears to be a hero. However, he is at last adulterated by Westworld where he visits to order his evil deeds on the robots. That is, until the uprising toward the finish of season one after the hosts become mindful. Driving his significant other to end it all and murdering his girl (despite the fact that he thought she was a host) left William with nothing. Furthermore, when watchers find him in Season 4, it is discovered that he some way or another made due after a host duplicate of himself cut William's throat toward the finish of season 3. The probably genuine William is currently being kept in an enormous cryo chamber by a host duplicate of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) as the host form of William does her offering.

In a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter preceding the Sunday debut of "Alright Alone," the stage, screen and TV veteran addressed various points, including the amount of the general story he is told and when, as well as whether he naturally suspects William could be recovered.

In the beneath visit, Harris additionally discusses the golf scene from the current week's episode and how much misery that LeMat gun has given him over the seasons.

How far out did you know the bend, significance were you arranged to play an A.I. associate rendition of William preceding this season's contents showing up?

Toward the finish of last season, I didn't be aware toward the start of this season at all that I would turn out to be an A.I. I burned through the vast majority of that season in my white jumpsuit, which I was truly delighted to escape. And afterward [co-creator] Lisa Joy provided me with a general circular segment of Season 4, understanding that I was fundamentally a partner in crime for Tessa's personality.


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