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Obi/Soludo: Latasha Ngwube tears into Forthcoming Edoho, Kunle Remi

Latasha, Straight to the point and Kunle

This comes after Anambra State Lead representative Charles Soludo dumped Peter Obi of Work Party and proclaimed help for the official applicant of the All Moderates Stupendous Partnership (APGA), Equity Peter Umeadi

On November 16, 2022, a virtual entertainment contention ejected between Latasha Ngwube, a media character, and Kunle Remi, a Nollywood entertainer, over a remark with respect to Igbo government officials who didn't uphold their own during the political decision.

Everything started when media character Plain Edoho said that he could be constantly baffled by Igbo lawmakers in light of the analysis of Work Party official competitor Peter Obi from a few South-East legislators.

That's what he added, dissimilar to Yoruba and Hausa individuals, who support their competitors, Igbo are effectively looking for ways of subverting and deter their brother, who has been offered the remarkable chance to act as Leader of the country.

As would be natural for Candid, "Igbo legislators will baffle constantly me. You have the interesting chance of one of your family being President yet rather than supporting and clamoring for him like Yoruba and Hausa individuals do with their applicants, you search for ways of disturbing and impede him! Tufia Kwa!"

Latasha protested Forthcoming's proclamation, and encouraged him to stop offering expressions of this nature.

"This way of thinking doesn't follow!!! I don't anticipate that each Yoruba companion of dig should decide in favor of Asiwaju in light of the fact that he is Yoruba! I don't expect each Northern individual I know to cast a ballot Atiku rigorously in light of the fact that they also are from the North," Latasha composed. "For what reason should each Igbo individual help Peter Obi since he is Igbo? In the event that PO becomes President will he be president of Igboland or a whole nation comprised of more than 200 clans??? Vote capability not culture!!! Stop this tribalistic talk!!!"

In light of Latasha's remark, Kunle Remi stated: "Perusing and understanding are two distinct fhingz [sic]"

Latasha terminated back at the entertainer, exhorting him stick to reviving through legendary birds. This hit is taken from the entertainer's disputable job in Kunle Afolayan's 'Anikulapo,' where he kicked the bucket and was resurrected by a legendary bird.

"@kunleremiofficial stick to restoration by means of legendary birds dear. It's a surer track for you… ," she remarked.

Kunle answered by ridiculing the situation and mentioning an emotional wellness office for Latasha.

This isn't whenever a superstar first has conflicted with another or an irregular individual for their political perspectives. Recently, entertainer Mr. Macaroni utilized his Twitter record to defame an ally of Bola Tinubu, the official competitor of the All Moderates Congress.

Mr. Macaroni expressed on his Twitter page that while everybody is permitted to help and make their choice for any lawmaker of their decision, everybody ought to practice great judgment while doing as such.


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